Federal and Mult-State Income Tax Preparation

Income tax preparation and planning is the main focus of my practice.  My fees are usually equal to or less than charged by the large preparation companies such as H&R Block, Liberty Tax, and Jackson-Hewitt.

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Small Business Planning

Most small businesses fail because a person who has a great skill and/or a good product does not adequately plan for success.  I have had the advantage of working with many small businesses over the years.  I have seen great successes and huge failures.  Each of these contains a lesson which your business can use.

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Estate Planning

I would like to help you through the process of planning your estate.  I do not sell products or make a commission.  I do not give legal advice or prepare living trusts.  There are those better qualified than I to do that.  What I do is help you create the overall plan in which trust preparing, investments, social security planning and personal budgeting are all working together.

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Tax Preparation and Accounting Services

Tax Preparation

Sometimes it helps to have a real person with years of experience to work through the process of getting the best outcome.

Your benefit should be the most important consideration in any financial advisor’s mind when you become their client.  I work hard at getting you the most benefit from the tax codes legally allowed.  I do this by asking questions orally and in writing.  I work at understanding where your income came from and all of the possible deductions you can legally take.

Licensed as a CPA in California since 1980 and licensed in Texas since 2016.

I am a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.



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